Given the major expenses associated with the installation and operation of RMJ grow systems, energy efficient and low-waste facilities have a marked competitive advantage over those of other market participants.  A 1000 plant operation can also take over 1,000 gallons per day of water, a major concern here in Colorado.  Therefore, with the help of a zero net waste and LEED consultant, commercial spaces will be designed in an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly manner to invite large lease rates.  A lucrative side benefit is access to numerous federal and local tax incentives for efficiency.

The largest expense associated with the operation of RMJ businesses is undoubtedly energy and maintenance costs associated with electrical and HVAC installations provided for grow operations.  High-yield grow operations require tremendous amounts of energy and significant upkeep.  CSC intends to source and work with expert electricians and HVAC providers to develop, install, and maintain these complex systems.  Client licensing, environmental consulting and integrated design collaboration and consists of:

  • Environmental consulting on site selection, site refits or retrofits, relevant renewable or efficient energy technologies and potential rebates or tax credits, and assisting in use transitions by working closely with operational groups.
  • Integrated design collaboration by assembling project stakeholders and ensuring smooth processes from design to build to implementation of processes.