Operations – Project Management

MMJ and RMJ production facilities face a range of difficulties on the operational side, from achieving high yields to security concerns.  CSC consultants can assist in allaying these concerns for operators and property owners alike.  Our Operations and Project Managers assist in systems design, from actual design conceptualization, budgeting bidding and contracting work, commissioning, and actual operational work from yield management to system optimization.

  • Provide in depth advice and understanding to the Marijuana industry and the Cultivation of Medicinal grade marijuana
  • Building and Design for the purposes of Marijuana (indoor/outdoor) cultivation
  • Detailed analysis of present marijuana grow facilities

Be able to assemble a team of experienced and highly knowledgeable growers to help in problem solving, design, or even teaching.Be able to troubleshoot/problem solve and provide a descriptive summary/understanding of in a short adequate time (meaning if I don’t know the answer I have the network to answer about any situation that could come about)Provide accurate costs of supplies to consumer and knowledge of what the actual supplier pays (insiders in the industry Overseeing of Operations, Quality Control to ensure the customer 100% satisfaction Lead a team from start to finish in build out and design  of an indoor garden. Maximize yields and therefore profits to the customer in the shortest amount of time. Educating other Partners from vast understanding of operational facilities