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Earn More – Keep More

Colorado Sustainability Consultants brings economies of scale and operational efficiencies to new and established clients in the cannabis industry, commercial real estate owners, and investors. As the cannabis industry matures from outdated and inefficient systems, both on a business and operational side, our goal is to bring clients “out of the basement and into the 21st century,” with a major focus on organizational, energy, and systems efficiencies. CSC will provide the following:

  1. Taxes – CSC through its partnerships with accountants will assist clients to diversify production and manufacturing operations to allocate a portion of their utilities and security costs to inventory, based on availability. (not subject to ยง280E)
  2. Access to Capital – Access to capital for real estate purchases and improvements through our network of private equity investment firms.
  3. Market Expansion – Assist client in securing new market shares within the market and expand on a national level by offering the following:
  • Create a viable, sustainable, and transparent business strategy that provides overwhelming evidence of the benefits to the registered patients in new states.
  • Design and build a cultivation and extraction facility that exceeds the sustainability and environmental policies set forth in new state markets.
  • Establish clients as the leading research, extraction, and delivery experts in CBD related products and services.
  • Assist with securing town zoning research and compliance.
  • Assist with securing new landlord-tenant lease agreements.
  • Set up and design secure accounting, patient, sales and cultivation record keeping systems.
  • Advise on design of state-of-the-art, zero-net waste, closed loop energy efficient cultivation and extraction facility.
  • Design patient education plan.
  • Design philanthropic program and mission.