CSC Integrated Design

CSC utilizes integrated design to manage buildout projects, operational improvements, and business growth.  Integrated design is implemented by considering all systems, from construction to operational phases, and stakeholders, from designer to end users, at the inception of the design process.

In the same way that high-efficiency buildings benefit their owners and occupants through energy and cost savings, businesses that work with CSC operate at a high level through systems efficiency.   The end product of the integrated design process is a project that implements operational and organizational efficiencies, from energy efficiency to workflow and systems automation.

When properly addressed, these processes interact with one another to create a business with across-the-board operational efficiencies, ones that are highly profitable and attractive to investors and local communities alike.

 The CSC Integrated Design System has the following components:

CSC Dispensary One-Pager Final Draft 5.12.14