Energy Efficiency

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Use Less – Waste Less – Spend Less

CSC develops, installs and maintains energy systems that reduce utilities expanses. From facility design to equipment sourcing to systems automation, CSC can improve the efficiency, workflow, and sanitation of facilities to ensure consistent, safe, and reliable production.

CSC can reduce your energy usage up to 40% by accomplishing the following:



Energy consumption is the major efficiency concern with cannabis cultivation. CSC utilizes a number of energy reduction strategies to reduce overall load and power use.


Water-Icon WATER USE

Water consumption is another large efficiency concern with cannabis cultivation, and the water intensive cultivation process is part of the reason that the industry has difficulty operating in some jurisdictions. CSC will utilize a number of water reduction strategies to reduce overall use.





CSC experts will build or upgrade your facility to integrate natural systems, systematically avoid and eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste and materials, and to conserve and resuse resources. The return on investment for systems improvement is not only good for the earth and local communities, but for your-bottom line.





The philosophy of ZNW revolves around viewing the entire life cycle of products that are traditionally utilized one time before disposal. Life-cycle analysis is familiar to the medical cannabis industry, as the ‘seed-to-sale’ concept governs best practices on a national level. As an integral part of life cycle analysis and data collection towards reduction of waste streams, all waste may be tracked in accordance with inventory management systems and local regulations in the following ways: